Monday, October 22, 2012

The End...

Oh yes here we are at the end of regular season of football.  Let me first start by saying how proud I am of our boys!  They both worked really hard and showed a lot of heart!  I love them!

Unfortunately LJ's season ended early as he was injured. While we are still waiting on the MRI results we do know that a small chunk is missing from his growth plate so he will definitely need to be casted for approx 6 weeks.  I am sad that he was unable to play in the last game of the season as they won.  How exciting huh?

Chases team ended their regular season 6-0-2 (Wins - Losses - Ties).  Yup, this means they were undefeated.  How awesome is that?  The last game was the absolutely MOST exciting, heart stopping, nerve-wracking game EVER!

With 9 seconds left in a tied game #1 was able to get through to make the winning touchdown!  It was AWESOME!!!!!

Well I will try to post some pictures later but right now I'm still recovering from that game!  :)

Now we have post season to contend with...

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