Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fighting over a baseball? Seriously??

Okay so who cares if that baseball happened to be a foul ball durning the National League Division Series?  Well obviously some over zelous fans thought it was just the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Me on the other hand?  I was slightly terrified of what was taking place just one seat away.  My husband on the other hand was on the end and had to try and steady a guy that almost fell over.  I was blown away and wishing I could have gotten a picture for you of all the fans pouncing on this ball.  I felt bad for the beer man, he was on the bottom of the pile. 

Now to the fun stuff...

We were very fortunate that my husband & brother-in-laws boss was generous to give us his tickets to game to of the National League Division Series!  We got to see our beloved Cardinals swat some Nats.  12-4 Baby!

Favorite Player
David Freese #23

Me and my sister in law Tammy

I think everyone in the United States now knows that the St. Louis Cardinals have the best fans.  Little do people know that we also have the best Mascot EVER (my opinion).  Here are some shots of Fred Bird teasing the police officer that was on duty. 

Showing some leg to the SLCPD

Shakin' his tailfeather

Fred Bird helping himself to the poor girls nachos.
Let's Go Cards!  12 in '12!

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