Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trying to stay positive...

So I was on a roll for a bit with blog posts...

Last week happened and I didn't have the time or energy to post anything!  Let me just be honest and say that the last two weeks have sucked royally!  Not only did Jeff pass away but his mother Denise was hospitalized with a possible heart attack.  I just found out that she didn't have any blockage but she does have damage to the bottom of the heart.  I am praying for her constantly.  My niece Amanda (Jeffrey's wife) is another person who could use LOTS of thoughts and prayers.  Sunday we walked (okay well Larry and I rode in a car) in the Arnold Days Parade for my brother in law's cab company.  We all wore blue and white beads in honor of Jeff.  When we walked past Wendy Amanda (sorry Wendy is Larry's nickname for her) we each took off our white beads and placed them around her neck.  Since Larry and I were in the car I gave mine to her once we got to the park.  While at the park I tried not to cry while realizing that Jeff would have been there.  Larry & Jeff never missed that parade together and last year we all stood in the rain for the parade.  If we had only known it would be our last parade together...

This morning driving to work I may have found the silver lining...Literally!  The clouds over Arnold were fairly dark and icky.  A hole formed in one of the clouds and the sun was shining through creating the most beautiful rays of light.  I have to believe that God was showing us that bright beautiful rays of light can come from dark nasty days. 

I may take off blogging for a couple of more days but I will be back.


Dear God,

Today I pray for my family.  1st I would like to ask for you to put your loving embrace around Amanda & Jeff's three children.  They will have a hard road ahead of them but they can face it together even though nothing will ever be the same without their Dad I pray that they will find that silver lining and see him shining through it. 

Please also protect and give patience to Amanda.  No wife should ever have to lose her husband so young.  Please grant her peace of mind and a will and determination to keep on moving even when she feels like all the hope is lost.

Last but not least I bring my sister Denise to you Lord.  Please help heal her broken heart.  I can't imagine ever losing a child.  I just pray that although the wounds will never heal 100% that you would at least make them a little less difficult to manage.  I pray that you let her see his memory around us and that she will find comfort in that!

In Jesus Christ's Holy Name, Amen!

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