Thursday, September 6, 2012

Five of my favorite things...

So I was inspired by a blog I saw recently.  This is a post of my top five favorite things. 

Here we go:
StyleHouse Flat Iron

This has to be the best the flat iron that I have personally ever owned.  Please let me remind you that I am CHEAP!  I have never owned a CHI even though I really want one.  I just refuse to spend that kind of money with six kids.  Anyway Larry bought this for me from a friend that was selling them and I love the floating plates.  No more pulling my hair out with this straightener.

Got 2 B Guardian Angel
Flat Iron Balm

Let me just say for the record that my friend and stylist Sharon will be thankful that I finally got something to protect my hair from heat damage.  Once again remember that I am cheap so I went to Walgreens looking for a heat protectant and tried several before I finally decided on this one.  The biggest factor for me is the smell.  I am easily irritated by certain smells and this one is light and leaves my hair feeling smooth and managable.

Beyonce Heat

I seriously wear this fragrance EVERY single day.  I am panicked that I am getting near to the end of my current bottle and need to replace it immediately.  Since I am so easily irritated by certain scents I am always on the look out for light/clean fragrance and I think Beyonce picked a winner with this one!  Love how clean it smells and Larry loves it too!  I had wanted it for a long time and he surprised me with my first bottle of it.  Try it and I am sure you will love it too.

Scentsy Rooster Warmer w/Hazelnut Latte Bar

First let me say that my mother bought my husband this warmer for Christmas last year and we both just love it.  I have had other candle warmers in the past and none come close to Scentsy.  Normally I buy the Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bars but at the last party I went to I also added Hazelnut Latte and fell in love instantly!  This easily makes three rooms in my house smell good all at once.  Believe it or not the warmer is just a lightbulb under there and therefore it is completely safe to have with our four year old.  I mean it gets warm but I touched it last night and it didn't burn me.  Now DON'T go sticking your fingers in the wax or touching the thing I was just letting you know that I am personally comfortable with the temperature of this item.

Cardy Uggs - Pool Blue

Last but certainly not least we have the Cardy Uggs in Pool Blue.  I DO NOT have these.  I am still coveting them from my good friend Michelle.  She has them in pink and they are soooo cute.  If anyone feels the need to drop a bunch of money on me feel free to buy me these in either blue or grey size 8.  Just Kidding!  Seriously though I want these and must have them this winter.  My girls got Uggs last year and they love how comfortable they are.  I texted Michelle just today to verify that she absolutely LOVED her Uggs and she assured me that she did. 

So now you all know a little more about the things I love maybe next time I'll do a "Five things I hate..." post!  


  1. I'm going to have to try the flat iron balm stuff!! fun post, I may steal the idea one day soon w/ this challenge!!

  2. Definitly try the flat iron balm! I love it!