Sunday, August 26, 2012

Warrior Scrimmage

Well although the day was great I'm sad to say that I wasn't able to get any really great pictures for this post.

Today we woke up first thing and drove to Seckman for a scrimmage.  After spending $31.00 at McDonalds for breakfast we were on our way.

Now I understand that Seckman is only 15 minutes away but it feels like a 30 minute drive.  We literally get close to the field and realized that we didn't have LJ's cleats.  So I dropped him off for practice and ran home to get them. 

I was never so happy to get back to the field to watch the boys.  I had ZERO clue that a scrimmage wasn't actually a game but I'm slowly catching on.  Apparently in a scrimmage each side gets so many attempts to get the ball down the field.  Without keeping score I cannot possibly tell you how we stacked up but either way it was exciting!

I cannot wait for Thursday because the Warriors are going to scrimmage Mehlville! 

Now to get Chandler started with swimming lessons and the girls into something.  How rewarding all this feels! 

Oh and if anyone has any really good slow cooker recipes (mostly chicken) please let me know!

Happy Sunday!

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