Thursday, August 30, 2012

Up in the gym just workin' on my fitness...

Larry and I were on a really good schedule of going to the gym until all this football nonsense took over ;)  Just Kidding.  Okay 1/2 kidding!

I'll be honest we really enjoyed going to the gym as a family.  On Mondays & Wednesdays all the kids got to swim while we worked out and on Tuesday and Thursday the bigger kids would go to the outdoor pool and Chandler would go to kids club.

Now we can only get to the gym on Monday nights and that is if we are lucky.  Hopefully once we get in a groove we can get back to the gym together.  Let's face it I love working out during the day at our company fitness center, but I really miss working out with my husband!

I <3 working out with my hubby!

Tonight's goal:  Take a quick run around the block after football practice then do some crunches! Epic Fail!

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