Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Breathe in slowly...now exhale!

Life feels like it's in over-drive right now.  Several exciting changes in our family and I document them here so that I can always look back on this crazy time in our lives...

1. My sweet little 3lb 4oz baby boy is attending pre-k summer school.  I think I cried a million tears yesterday as he got on the bus.  I cannot believe how big he is and how incredibly smart he is.  Now I must brag on my baby for a moment.  I don't know if I have every met or heard of a kid that is more interested in sports at 5 years old then my Bam!  This kid isn't into Disney channel or Nickelodeon.  He isn't into playing with toys or coloring.  My baby is into sports big time!  He watches, plays and knows all NFL teams.  You think i'm joking but sadly nope!  You show him an NFL logo and he will not only tell you the team name but the city they play for. (example: He knows that the Ravens play in Baltimore).  Now as if this alone isn't impressive...he also can do the same for most NHL teams (Football & Hockey are tied in his mind).  While he played, watches and loves basketball it ranks below Football, Hockey and Baseball.  Now lets talk about baseball for a second.  When you ask him his favorite baseball team he of course says the St. Louis Cardinals which makes his mama proud!  He also can name a lot of players and the teams they play on for all three of his top favorite sports.  It's crazy!  How does this little boy soak up so much information?  Let me go back a minute.  You remember when a second ago I told you he wasn't into to Disney channel or Nickelodeon?  Ya that is because if the TV is on then it must be on sports of some kind.  He doesn't just watch the games either.  I walked in the other night to find him watching SportsCenter!  Amazed!

2.  Most people know my husband is a DJ.  He has done a lot of weddings in the past but mainly does Karaoke/DJing in local bars.  Over the years most weddings fell into his lap from friends or family but recently I think he has decided to put himself out there more to do book more weddings.  That is awesome but an insanely busy season.

and finally....

3.  I have officially registered with the state of Missouri as a business and I am now taking paying clients.  What kind of business are you wondering?  Photography!  It is something that I have always been passionate about but was always too scared to put myself out there.  I am so surprised and happy with the support I am receiving from my family and friends!  It's nice when you find something that you not only love to do but can make money at the same time!  It's a great step in the right direction.


I think this catches us up for now but keep checking in I'm sure things will change again in five minutes.  :)

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