Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flag Football is Cold?

Well, if you live in the midwest you are quite aware that we had a snow storm recently that left us with a whole lot of snow. See, living in St. Louis you have to realize that we really only have two seasons; winter & summer!  Living here is NEVER good for people with really bad allergies. 

What does this have to do with flag football?  Let me fill you in.  The field where the kids play is kind of down in a valley right next to the river so it's about 5-8 degrees difference from the road it's off of.  I kid you not you would think that we were right smack dab at the end of tackle football season.

I don't worry about the cold with our older boys since they have played football in the cold, but my baby, I'm just sure he would freeze and cry or get really sick.  Nope, not my youngest.  He is doing very well adjusting to the cold.  He is learning quickly and it's so much fun to watch 5 & 6 year olds play an actual game of football.  Occasionally, you have the child that will run the wrong direction or try to tackle someone instead of pulling their flags, but overall I call it success!

Every Thursday night we all go out in 32 degree temperatures to sit on very cold metal bleachers to cheer for "Dumplin".  Let me explain: At the first football game I spontaneously shouted "you go Dumplin'".  Next thing you know all the kids & even Angie were then shouting things like "way to go honey bunches", "you'll get them next time sweet pea".  Pretty sure this isn't acceptable in football, but it was pretty funny.  After the first game I think the coach even jumped on the bandwagon saying "nice job sweet shorts". 

Let me say that I was really concerned when Larry first started practicing.  He hasn't really done any running since he broke his growth plate during last year’s tackle football season.  It looks like things are going well though and the kid is pretty fast. 

What can I say about Chase that I haven't shouted from the rooftops before?  The kid just gets football.  It's his thing.  It's not just what he does it's who he is and I love it!  I am so proud of this 9 year old who always puts his heart and soul into every game!

Thank God that Thursday is supposed to be nice weather so now all I have to worry about is the mud left over from the melting snow.  Yuck!

Happy Wednesday!

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